The hottest underground pipeline becomes the focus

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"Underground pipelines" have become the focus, and there is a huge demand for plastic pipelines.

whether this year or in previous years, waterlogging disasters are emerging in endlessly. The most recent one was in the evening of September 13, 2013, when Hangzhou was hit by a rainstorm. This rainstorm not only caused traffic congestion, but also tortured the city's drainage system. Since July this year, Premier Li Keqiang has mentioned the construction of underground pipelines three times, The transformation and construction of underground pipes will be the top priority of urban infrastructure construction during the 12th Five Year Plan period, while the demand for plastic pipes in various application fields is huge, and the future growth rate is promising

municipal and building water supply and drainage are still the main downstream of the pipeline industry. With the construction of large-scale industrial projects and the promotion of rural water-saving irrigation and safe drinking water projects, the application of plastic pipe products in industrial and agricultural fields will be further expanded. We expect that the overall demand for plastic pipes in the country will meet the growth rate of about 18% according to industry insiders, which is lower than that in, but still maintains rapid growth. In terms of structure, the demand growth rate of municipal water supply pipelines, municipal drainage pipelines and construction pipelines will reach 24.73%, 21.44% and 15.40% respectively, which are the three industries with the fastest demand growth rate in the sub industries

the utilization rate of pipeline capacity needs to be improved, and the supply of domestic special materials is facing challenges. The capacity concentration rate of China's pipeline industry is low, and the surface slow cooling is to reduce the internal stress of products. In 2010, the total output of plastic pipelines reached 8.4 million tons, with a total capacity of more than 17 million tons, and the capacity utilization rate was less than 50%. PE pipes are highly dependent on the development of strategic emerging industries, and the progress of localization is slow. Among them, about 80% of high-end products such as PE80 and PE100, which are special resins for pipes, rely on imports

the problem of underground pipe is prominent, and the top-down reform policy needs to be introduced urgently. Information sharing and lack of data have become difficult problems in underground pipe construction. Pipeline planning, construction and management are managed by three government departments, and the pipeline life cycle is divided into three parts, so it is difficult to fully share information. Pipeline attribute data is incomplete, and attribute information such as elevation and burial depth is missing. With the increasing problems such as frequent urban waterlogging, top-down policies are expected to be introduced to smooth out the complex relationship and pave the way for the acceleration of underground pipe construction and making up for arrears

the future promotion of pipeline is mainly PE. The proportion of PVC pipes in China has decreased year by year, and PE pipes have replaced it. The proportion of PVC and PE pipes in developed countries in Europe and the United States has been equal, 46% and 43% respectively. PE pipes are the general trend to replace PVC. The national 12th Five year plan goal clearly states that by 2015, the promotion and application of plastic pipes will mainly focus on PE pipes, and vigorously develop new plastic pipes

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