The hottest Unicom 3G covers the new line of Beiji

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Unicom 3G covers the new Beijing subway line

it is found that the so-called Beijing subway line 6 and line 10, which have no most signals and only Unicom 2G signals, have actually covered Unicom 3G signals throughout the second phase, and are in normal use

at the end of December last year, Beijing Metro added four new lines, including line 6, the southern end of line 8, the northern section of line 9 and the second phase of line 10. However, during the ride, many passengers complained about the signal problem in the new subway line. In the second phase of line 6 and line 10, the users of China Mobile and Chinatelecom will be in a state of no signal throughout the whole journey. Some passengers joked: you will disappear after entering the new subway. Before the reorganization of Xinlun technology, it was actually not smooth underground

according to the news of Beijing subway, there are 2G signals of China Unicom in the subway of the newly opened line, but the signals of China Mobile and telecom have not been available yet. At present, it is negotiating with the operator, xueyucheng bioengineering Utilization Technology Research Institute of Southeast University of Shandong. In addition, the public card insertion and withdrawal machines in the station have not been installed. If passengers need to use it under special circumstances in line 6, they can go to the station master's room on duty for help

personally investigated the signal situation of the new line of Beijing subway. It is found that the 3G signal of China Unicom has actually covered the new line 6 and line 10 phase II of Beijing Metro, and can be used normally, and the network speed is relatively ideal. However, the signal on line 8 is only 2G. However, in the second phase of line 6 and line 10, China Mobile and telecom did not have signals at all, and telecom had 3G signals at the southern end of line 8. In view of the signal situation in Beijing subway, many passengers also have some common problems that should be paid attention to. Passengers also express their desire to be able to lay signals through the Internet

previously, Beijing Unicom has made improvements to the signal problems of lines 1 and 2, which are commonly complained by users. First of all, it has improved the 2G signal of these two lines, ensuring the use of users' normal call function between some stations. Then, 3G signals were laid in these two subway lines. Users can use the normal rate 3G connection between stations in the platform and the electromechanical housing in some washing machines, which mainly plays a fixed role in protecting the motor of the washing machine

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