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China Unicom held the promotion meeting of raising speed and reducing fees and the Establishment Ceremony of 4K ultra clear industrial alliance

in order to further implement the national broadband China strategy and the deployment of raising speed and reducing fees, China Unicom held the promotion meeting of raising speed and reducing fees and the establishment ceremony of 4K ultra clear industrial alliance in Jinan on March 23. Chairman Wang Xiaochu, deputy general manager shaoguanglu, deputy general manager Xiong Yu and vice president Han Zhigang of China Unicom group attended the meeting. Wang Shujian, vice governor of Shandong Province, and Lin Lehu, director of Shandong Communications Administration attended the meeting. At the meeting, China Unicom commended the first batch of all optical network companies. Representatives of major domestic 4K equipment manufacturers, service providers and content providers jointly witnessed the establishment of 4K ultra clear industrial alliance. This means that consumers can enjoy an unprecedented 4K ultra clear visual feast, and it also marks that China Unicom has taken a more solid step in actively implementing the national broadband China, speed up and fee reduction, and the three integration strategy

Wang Xiaochu said that China Unicom has always taken the construction of broadband network as a strategic infrastructure as an important task to implement national strategies such as network power, interconnection + action plan, speed up and fee reduction. Through hard work, the work has made rapid progress. In terms of speed-up, the fixed network has accelerated the upgrading to optical fiber, with a total investment of 24.4 billion yuan. At present, 7 all optical network provinces and 118 all optical network cities have been built; The fiber-optic household tension testing machine has covered 160million households in the process of use, which is 1.1 times higher than that before the optical reform. The mobile network focuses on the improvement of user experience, and makes full efforts to build 4G networks. The total number of 4G base stations has reached 422000, the LTE population coverage has reached 68%, and the downlink peak speed of 4g+ networks has reached 300 Mbps. In terms of fee reduction, measures such as increasing speed without raising price, not clearing traffic, and gradually eliminating domestic long-distance and roaming fees can effectively reduce customer expenses. The average unit price of fixed broadband fell by 50.6%, and the comprehensive unit price of mobile data traffic fell by 27%, exceeding the expected target

Wang Xiaochu pointed out that in the coming period, China Unicom will fully implement the focus strategy, innovate and cooperate in development, and continue to promote speed increase and fee reduction, benefiting hundreds of millions of users. We will continue to speed up the construction of light and broadband, achieve all-optical networks in all ten northern provinces, and achieve 100m in urban areas one year in advance. "Adopting self-locking worm gear structure and paying equal attention to both Chinese and Western medicine" is one of the guidelines for China's health work. The national goal of speed-up and cost reduction for rural optical fiber to villages. We will continue to speed up the construction of 4G networks and build 200000 more 4G sites throughout the year to achieve the target coverage of key cities and regions. We will deepen industry cooperation, promote network construction and sharing, implement the quality improvement plan for customers, and work from the supply side to improve service quality for consumers

shaoguanglu read out the recognition decision of China Unicom Group Company quanguangluo province. China Unicom commended its branches in Shandong, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Henan, Liaoning and other seven provinces (cities, districts) and awarded it the title of China Unicom quanguangluo province (municipality directly under the central government, autonomous region)

with the upgrading of all-optical broadband network, high-speed video services are becoming a hot spot of information consumption. Wei Xiuchang, general manager of marketing department of China Unicom, introduced the development strategy of 4K video service of China Unicom. On March 18, 2015, China Unicom officially released the smart home Internet business development strategy, committed to creating an intelligent and happy life for hundreds of millions of families. In just 10 months, more than 12million home users and more than 21million users have chosen the smart wojia package, and the number of wojia TV users has exceeded 12million. With the continuous evolution of broadband access technology, video services are upgrading from 480p SD video and 1080p HD video to 2160p 4K ultra clear video. Therefore, it can be said that the era of all-optical network will also be the era of 4K ultra clear video. Compared with the current mainstream HD video, 4K ultra clear video has clearer picture, smoother action, richer colors and more realistic sound effects. Users can enjoy the shocking IMAX cinema effect without leaving home

in order to welcome the arrival of 4K ultra clear video era, China Unicom focuses on its core advantageous resources and takes the lead in six aspects: network, business, content, platform, standard and industry, committed to providing users with the ultimate service experience. The first is to take the lead. China Unicom will fully complete the optical fiber network transformation within this year to provide users with end-to-end high-speed all-optical network access services. It is estimated that by the end of 2016, the optical fiber network coverage of China Unicom will exceed 200million households, and the scale of optical fiber users will exceed 76million. The second is business leadership. Recently, we will take the lead in the industry to launch the 4K smart home 4K package with 4K ultra clear video service as the core. On the basis of one package of smart Wo family and shared by the whole family, 4K package comprehensively improves the broadband speed from 10m and 20m to 50m and 100m, and provides users with a more exciting and richer experience of 4K ultra clear video content. Third, content leadership. At present, China Unicom has integrated more than 100000 hours of video content, more than 1400 types of game content, and more than 50000 pieces of music content for users. As the 4K industry continues to mature, the proportion of 4K quality audio and video and game content in these rich TV application content is rapidly improving. The fourth is the leading platform. Last year, China Unicom and Huawei pioneered the joint operation mode in the industry and established the China Unicom TV value-added service operation center. Since its establishment one year ago, the TV value-added center has set up a professional operation team and built an open business platform to help partners' TV application business achieve one-point access and full coverage. The fifth is the leading standard. China Unicom established China Unicom 4K laboratory. At present, 4K laboratory has formulated and officially released the full system standards and specifications of TV video business involving business, products, networks, platforms, terminals, tests and services, which has laid a solid technical foundation for the development of China Unicom's TV video business. Sixth, industry leadership. China Unicom sincerely invites new and old friends of the industrial chain to jointly establish 4K ultra clear industrial alliance. We will continue to adhere to the principles of openness, innovation, cooperation and win-win results, work together with partners in the industrial chain to jointly realize resource sharing within the industrial alliance and jointly build a 4K industrial development ecosystem

China Unicom initiated the establishment of 4K ultra clear industrial alliance, hoping to work with all parties in the industrial chain to speed up the promotion and popularization of video business as a strategic basic business. China Unicom expects to provide higher quality customer experience through complementary advantages, combine network, service and brand advantages with partners' technology, content and products, strive to provide consumers with high-quality 4K experience, and promote the rapid scale popularization of TV video and video services; China Unicom expects to build a more prosperous industrial ecosystem through the open platform, realize the effective coordination of networks, platforms, content, terminals, applications and other aspects, and promote the rapid and healthy development of the video industry; China Unicom expects to further stimulate the vitality of innovation through sincere cooperation, and make greater contributions to enriching the new supply of information consumption and opening up new space for development

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