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Unicom big data company was honored as the national advanced collective in the fight against COVID-19

on the morning of September 8, the national commendation Conference for the fight against COVID-19 was grandly held in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing. Unicom big data company was honored as the national advanced collective in the fight against the COVID-19

after the COVID-19, China Unicom resolutely implemented the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, earnestly implemented the communication enterprises, gave full play to the advantages of big data and communication network technology, and went all out to support the epidemic prevention and control. Under the direct leadership of the Party group of China Unicom Group, Unicom big data company has taken action to give full play to the capabilities and technical advantages of operators such as big data and AI, and continue to provide strong support for national epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production

go to war as quickly as possible, big data helps precise prevention and control

China Unicom is keenly aware that operators' big data capabilities can provide scientific support for epidemic prevention and control, and good use of big data technology can make epidemic prevention and control more accurate, efficient and insightful. On January 21, China Unicom set up a team of experts with Unicom big data company as the core, led by the backbone of Party members, with more than 100 people including Algorithm Engineers, product managers, big data development engineers and operation and maintenance engineers. Give full play to Unicom's national data centralization advantage, quickly form big data application solutions and deploy them nationwide

The battle horn has sounded. The project team takes big data capability as the cornerstone, and through the use of a series of data intelligence technology and model methodology, it effectively cooperates with relevant government departments to carry out data analysis and decision-making of the supporting device of the new pneumonia 235 curtain wall. The team took the lead in calculating the population flow from Wuhan to 2859 districts and counties across the country and the population travel matrix data between 334 prefecture level cities in only 16 hours, and began to provide big data analysis services to the National Health Commission, the National Center for Disease Control and prevention, and provincial health commissions on January 21. On January 26, the leaders of the Ministry of industry and information technology convened three operators to hold an on-site scheduling meeting of big data support epidemic prevention and control in the communication industry in Unicom big data company. After the meeting, it took only three days to take the lead in completing the development of Unicom's travel query assistant. After obtaining my authorization, I will provide my travel records in the past 14 days to the public in a public nature, and provide data basis for joint prevention and control in densely populated areas such as communities, parks, transportation hubs and so on, Reduce the risk of cross infection. At the same time, the team fully supported the construction of the epidemic prevention and control big data platform and communication big data travel card platform of the Ministry of industry and information technology, providing normalized support for epidemic prevention and control

Unicom big data company, through its rich data modeling ability and platform construction ability, gives full play to the advantages of professional big data and artificial intelligence talents in the industry, takes the lead in realizing the operation in the national data set by using mature technology, products, security, operation services and other complete capability systems, and quickly launches analysis actions for each specific scenario in the epidemic prevention and control work. Among them, China Unicom, based on a series of independently developed data models such as epidemic transmission risk analysis and spatio-temporal correlation analysis, can obtain analysis and prediction results in a few hours, helping the epidemic prevention and control department to accurately analyze the spread trajectory of specific areas

during the epidemic, China Unicom big data company has developed 10 epidemic prevention and control big data platforms, 15 epidemic prevention and control models, and provided more than 20000 analysis reports, more than 3000 SaaS account services and big data technical support to more than 20 national ministries and commissions and more than 300 local epidemic prevention and control departments, and provided 650million epidemic prevention and control big data information services to end users, It has made positive contributions to the country's taking the most comprehensive, strict and thorough prevention and control measures and effectively blocking the chain of virus transmission

led by science and technology, big data +ai assisted in precise implementation of policies

adhere to improper prevention and control, send a pulse or signal to electromechanical equipment, and relax to ensure that the epidemic does not rebound. With the joint efforts of the whole country and the broad masses of the people, the situation of epidemic prevention and control across the country has continued to improve, and the situation of accelerating the recovery of production and living order has continued to consolidate and expand. We have made an overall plan to promote epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, and achieved positive chain pulling effect. Facing the dual requirements of normalization of epidemic prevention and control and orderly resumption of work and production, China Unicom timely formulated targeted strategies to help comprehensively and solidly promote resumption of work, production and learning based on the application of big data +ai key technologies, and promote economic recovery

based on the analysis of the overall return rate across the country and the return rate of typical industrial parks and enterprises in various provinces and cities, Unicom big data has successively developed the big data platform for resumption of work and production, the big data platform for return flow, the big data platform for epidemic prevention and control, etc., providing decision-making basis for resumption of work and production for many national ministries and commissions and provincial competent departments. Among them, the big data platform for resumption of work and production developed for the E-government Office of the State Council office was officially launched on March 3. In addition to government affairs, it combined with multi-source data to analyze the resumption of work and production of labor return to work, consumption, travel, etc., and provided multiple reports to assist government departments to further promote the work related to resumption of work and production. For the epidemic prevention and control management in key places with dense crowds and high personnel mobility, such as transportation hubs, hospitals, supermarkets, schools, office buildings, communities, etc., based on the self-developed AI atomic capability, Unicom big data quickly developed and launched a series of AI defense products, providing a number of services and applications, such as mask wearing compliance, abnormal body temperature monitoring, early warning of human flow density, mask wearing face access control, and inspection robots. The relevant capabilities are in Beijing Henan, Jiangxi and other provinces and cities have been well implemented

in view of the difficulties in the capital turnover of small and medium-sized enterprises during the epidemic, Unicom big data developed a financing platform for small and medium-sized enterprises. The platform relies on the government's endorsement of credit enhancement, through bank enterprise matching, with a standard and rapid financial service model, the whole process and rapid screening of qualified small and medium-sized enterprises, relying on the guarantee mechanism with big data as the decision-making element and the ability of enterprise credit evaluation, leveraging credit funds to actively participate in the credit loans of small and medium-sized enterprises, It has improved the efficiency of the financial system in supporting the private economy and built an interactive ecosystem between government, bank and enterprise

while activating the value of data elements, attention to data security is still the top priority. In this regard, Unicom big data adheres to the data values, takes data security and user privacy protection as the criterion, based on the independent and controllable big data security system and security products, comprehensively guarantees the security of data business and application, and guarantees the orderly development of this support work with professional data security technology

at present, it has become a consensus to scientifically and carefully grasp the normalized epidemic prevention and control. In this concerted battle for epidemic prevention and control, China Unicom gives full play to its advantages in scientific and technological innovation, and makes use of high-tech advantages such as big data, 5g, unmanned aerial vehicles and industrial interconnection to strive to promote the integration of technological innovation and war epidemic application scenarios: in Wuhan, 5g+ smart medicine realizes the connection of four places, Remote consultation for severe cases in Wuhan leishenshan Hospital; In Jingmen, China Unicom 5g+ thermal imaging human body temperature measurement information platform is widely used to help railway stations, South Bus passenger station, north bus passenger station and other units save a lot of manpower and material resources and reduce the risk of cross infection; In Qingdao, China Unicom met with the Railway Construction Research Institute of China Academy of Railway Sciences and Shanghai Huafeng new material research and Development Technology Co., Ltd. to cooperate on the polyurethane curing track bed project, research and develop the screen like cloud video conference system, witness the remote ribbon cutting of the 200billion project, and help start the project of one million digital power industry bases online; In Hangzhou, Yunli intelligence, a joint venture between China Unicom and Alibaba, launched AI robots for epidemic return visits at the first time, carried out automatic batch screening, return visits, intelligent statistical analysis and other work, provided online epidemic return visits services, and became a powerful tool for epidemic prevention for grass-roots governments and communities, helping the government to strengthen the epidemic prevention firewall

practice its original mission and take the initiative. China Unicom has made great efforts to promote the integration of technological innovation and the application scenarios of war and epidemic, launched a hard core attack, strongly improved the efficiency of war and epidemic, and interpreted the wisdom of scientific prevention and control in the front line of fighting the epidemic. At present, it has become a consensus to do a good job in the prevention and control of the normalized epidemic in a scientific and meticulous manner. China Unicom continues to play the role of a fortress, continuously strengthens its scientific and technological capabilities, transports scientific and technological ammunition for the comprehensive restoration of people's production and living order, and strives to be the leader and main force in the big test of the war

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