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Rtc2017 the third real-time Internet Conference begins to register

in the past year, the real-time Internet industry has developed rapidly. Lianmai interactive live broadcast quickly penetrated the vertical industry; Werewolf killing and the popularity of houseparty have brought a new social mode; The real-time voice of the game represented by King glory is approaching maturity. At the same time, the real-time communication RTC technology stack has evolved rapidly. Apple announced that Safari 11 supports webrtc, promoting the unification of real-time communication technology in mainstream browsers

at RTC 2017 real-time Internet Conference, we will focus on the RTC technology stack from the bottom to the front end, from architecture to codec, from mobile development to industrial technology practice, and see the correct guidance of our country. What are the difficulties and good material breakthroughs under static load. At the same time, it will also show how RTC cloud services, as a new field covering technology and services, will develop in the future, and how to innovate and apply in more vertical industries

rtc real-time Internet Conference has been successfully held for 8 times in the United States and 3 times in Asia. How can you miss this year


at that time,

rtc technology stack trip notes

rtc technology stack, including codec, network transmission, architecture, security, quality assurance multi-dimensional technology. In practice, there are always pits you can't think of. Architects and development engineers with rich practical experience share with you his journey to the pit

rtc cloud service nuggets

real time audio and video communication and interactive live broadcast have rapidly penetrated into more vertical industries from Pan entertainment, and have become the most important means of cashing in many applications. Representative applications from social networking, games, live broadcasting, education and other industries share the technical practice of the platform

rtc academy sends professionals to discuss encoding and decoding. Authoritative experts from Google, AVS, IEEE, VSPC and sound share the academic discussion on the Internet codec standards, and discuss the codec exploration in more cutting-edge fields such as artificial intelligence, VR, AR, etc

webrtc practicers interpret the prospect

what is the technological development prospect of webrtc? What is the relationship between RTC technology stack and webrtc? Is the mobile experience of webrtc optimized? Webrtc and RTC technology stack experts will interpret it for you on site

introduction to the agenda of the conference


main meeting: real-time Internet industry 4 Adopt double window lipstick Green two colors and Technology Review and prospect

sub Forum: RTC technology stack architecture special session

sub Forum: RTC technology stack interactive live broadcast technology special session

sub Forum: RTC coding workshop

sub Forum: next generation cloud audio and video technology


main meeting: real-time communication technology development practice and technology

sub Forum: RTC technology stack architecture special session

sub Forum: RTC technology stack mobile web development specialty A

sub Forum: RTC coding workshop

the first speaker

Daniel C. Burnett: the father of webrtc standards, IETF participant

Alan Johnston: author of SIP standards, former Avaya outstanding engineer Visiting professor

Lu Jian: President of Hujiang cctalk cloud

Wang Chunlai: Vice President of Momo technology

Huang Huan: Panda TV CTO

Han Sanpu: Pepper live CTO

Huang Zhuang: CEO of brain crossing

sun Yuchen: accompany me CEO

Miao Jianzhang: CEO of elephant sound department

co chairman of this conference

daniel C. burnett

father of webrtc Standard

participant of IETF

Department of information and communication engineering, Zhejiang University Professor doctoral supervisor

leader of the video group of the national digital audio and video codec technology standard working group (AVS)

president of Hujiang cctalk cloud

CEO of voice founder

time and place of the conference

September 21-22

Beijing. Marriott Hotel (No.7 Jianguomen street, Dongcheng District, Beijing)

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