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Automobile air conditioner bearings have been successfully trial produced in Shanghai renben

recently, the project "feasibility study report on the expansion of the production line of 8 car air conditioner electromagnetic clutch bearings with load sensors for electronic universal testing machines in force measurement ISO 845:198" with a total investment of 5.72 million yuan by Shanghai renben Bearing Co., Ltd. was approved by the headquarters of renben group, The project is officially put into production and operation

the electromagnetic clutch bearing of automobile air conditioning compressor is a thin-walled double row angular contact ball bearing, which is mainly used in the belt pulley of the electromagnetic clutch of automobile air conditioning compressor. Air conditioning compressors are mostly installed in front of automobile engines, adjacent to generators, water pumps and tensioning wheels, with small space, compact structure, high working temperature and harsh environment. It is required that the bearing has long service life, high temperature resistance, low noise, good dust and water resistance, and is a special bearing. Due to the high technical content and complex processing technology of such bearings, most of the products on the market are imported products, mainly NSK, Nachi, Koto and fag. The successful development of air-conditioning bearings has broken the long-term dependence on imports of domestic automotive air-conditioning bearings, improved the localization level of automobiles, and will save a lot of foreign exchange for the country

since October, 2001, the people's group has transferred special forces to establish a project development working group, which has been unanimously approved after full demonstration of product technology, equipment and process, and formally began to develop. After more than a year of research, technical consultation and a large number of experiments, various breakthroughs have been made in the existing problems, and finally the bearings for automotive air conditioners have been successfully developed. During the trial production of the product, a large number of new materials, new processes and new technologies are adopted, and the QS-9000 process is strictly followed to ensure that the product is 100% satisfactory in the process of customer use. In January, 2003, through the spot check and detection of the national bearing testing center, the product accuracy reached grade P5 with 100%, and the life test met the design requirements and was completely passed. At present, 5 models of frequently used nano materials have been successfully developed and trial produced, and have entered the market to replace imports, and the products have been recognized by the market

with the increasing consumption of automotive air conditioners and the deepening of price competition in the automotive market, the trend of localization of such products is also obvious, so the bearings of automotive air conditioners will have a broad market demand

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