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The bearing of Wazhou wind power booster engine is matched in the whole series of customers

the bearing of Wazhou wind power booster engine is matched in the whole series of customers

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the fuel cost of 2.0MW and 2.5MW booster engines developed by Wazhou group has increased from low-speed end to high-speed end, and the requirement for lightweight is 10 points. The supporting bearing of Wazhou wind power booster engine has replaced imports in an all-round way, and began to be installed in customers one after another, It broke the monopoly of foreign enterprises on the high-speed end bearings of booster engines for many years

the domestic fan industry has always adopted imported bearings for the high-speed end bearings of booster engines. At the end of last year, the wind power Bearing Research Institute of the national large bearing engineering technology research center of Wazhou group began to develop high-speed end bearings for a customer. Based on years of research and application experience and technology accumulation of booster engine bearings, it established standards for booster engine bearing materials, design, manufacturing and testing. The graphene based heavy-duty anticorrosive coating of Ningbo Institute of materials, which is used to guide the development of booster engine bearings, began large-scale demonstration application and research. In September this year, the whole series of bearings of the booster engine developed by the company passed the customer's installation test and began to be supplied in small quantities. The customer decided to comprehensively promote the localization of booster engine bearings in 2016 and hand over the market to the bearing shaft

at present, the first batch of 80 sets of bearings for the 2.0MW enhanced booster engine are ordered to avoid occasional power failure, which can make more room for other equipment. The first batch of bearings will be provided to customers at the end of November, and then continue to be supplied, becoming the company's new market growth point. The bearing research and development cycle of the project is short. The company's leaders have gone deep into customer exchanges and discussions and actively organized the implementation of the project. The relevant units involved in bearing research and development have made positive efforts to ensure the successful delivery of bearings in a short period of time

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