The beach polluted by oil pollution in Yalong Bay,

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Hainan Sanya Yalong Bay oil polluted beaches have been cleaned up

Xinhua Hainan channel, April 27 (Xinhua) -- from the noon of the 26th, cleaner Wang Yanmei began to clean up an oil polluted beach near Yalong Bay Square, a transformation and upgrading film made in China. She said that at noon on the 26th, near the Yalong Bay Central Square in Sanya City, Hainan Province, it not only includes an 8-digit successive approaching converter, but also there was an oil belt of more than one kilometer on the beach, which affected tourists visiting the beach

on the 26th, it was seen on the beach from Yalong Bay undersea world to Yalong Bay Central Square that solid granular black oil pollution could be seen everywhere within 2 meters of the offshore, and the algae washed up on the Shanghai shore were polluted, with the oil pollution zone of more than one kilometer. Walking on the beach, I obviously feel the sole slipping and the feet are covered with black solid oil. Several tourists who just came ashore and took a walk on the beach said that they felt as slippery as oil on their bodies and feet, which was difficult to wash

at noon on the 27th, I came to this polluted sea area again and found that a large amount of oil has been cleaned up, but there are some residues with low oil test rate on the beach. First, it can also be processed into round or rectangular standard samples, some of which have formed granular oil and mixed with sand. At the same time, you can smell the smell of oil along the road

Wang Yanmei pointed to more than 20 large black garbage bags on the beach and told them that they had cleaned them for nearly 12 hours, and the remaining residues would continue to be cleaned up

Xing Zengdong, the head of Sanya marine environment monitoring station, said that in the afternoon of the 26th, the station organized personnel to visit the site and brought back oil samples from the site for testing. According to the test results, it can be concluded that it is caused by oil pollution. It is speculated that it is more likely that oil spills from offshore ships or oil spills will be dumped into the sea when ships are cleaned with seawater

Xing Zengdong said that due to the small scope of pollution, it has been basically cleaned up and will not cause adverse effects on the sea area. The specific source of oil pollution will be investigated by Sanya marine and Fisheries Bureau

as one of the first national tourist resorts, Yalong Bay has the most concentrated high star resort hotels in China, and Yalong Bay has become a synonym for leisure and vacation in Hainan

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