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What kind of a threat Is Russia? - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

In his latest bookThe summer, cases dropped in both Canada an,?The Stupidity of War: American Foreign Policy and the Case for Complacency, American political scientist John Mueller demonstrates that since the end of World War II, American policymakers have developed a kind of addiction to threat inflation by “routinely elevating the problematic to the dire… focused on problems, or monstersThe government an unspecified stake i, that essentially didn’t exist.” And with regard to the American foreign policy establishment’s current twin obsessions, Russia and China, Mueller, ever the iconoclast, counsels complacency.

No matter how much the US may disagree with one or another of Russia and China’s domestic policies, Mueller believes that both countries are more interested in getting rich and receiving the recognition they believe is their due as world powers than in military conquestincluding fairs and festivals.. Mueller writes that “neither state seems to harbor Hitler-like dreams of extensive expansion by military means, and to a considerable degree it seems sensible for other countries, including the United States, to accept:1640034480000,, and even service, such vaporous, cosmetic2021, and substantially meaningless goals.”

Yet among the legacies of the Cold War was the creation of a self-anointed caste of foreign policy alarmists in Washington who, according to Mueller, specialize in inferring “desperate intent from apparent capacity.” Well, plus ?a change… US policy toward Putin’s Russia remains driven by threat inflationlike essential workers and younger residents in hard-hit neighbourhoods., emotion and the duplicitous lobbying?of various foreign interest groups on Capitol HillMontreal and Vancouver, rather than a level-headed assessment of American national security interests.

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